Funded by donations – Austria’s first Hindu temple will soon be in Vienna


India’s ambassador to Austria announced that he would attend the groundbreaking ceremony on December 12. He will meet in Josef-Rusten-Gasse in the 21st arrondissement. The first Hindu temple in Vienna and Austria is being built there in the midst of detached houses.

It is a low-rise, modest building with space for 300 people and a large Om symbol on the facade. The Hindu faith community is building the prayer house (cost: 1.2 million euros) – the project was financed by donations. “We have the money together for the structural work, which should be ready next summer,” explains Ingeborg Aggarwal, who is helping to organize the project.

In Vienna, there are about three to four thousand 4000 people of Hindu faith, mostly Indians. They currently hold their ceremonies in a cellar bar in Josefstadt, which is not very big. That should change in the future. There are no parking spaces at the new temple. The believers must come in public. That probably reassures the residents.

Source: Krone


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