Salvini defends that the League will be a parliamentary force “on the podium”


The leaders of the main parties rose early to cast their votes

The leader of the Italian League, Matteo Salvini, has encouraged the population to go to the polls this Sunday and has defended that his party aims to be one of the parliamentary forces “on the podium” for the formation of a new government.

“I am counting on the League to be the parliamentary force on the podium, first, second or third at the most. From tomorrow no more talk and we will go from promises to actions. We have clear ideas,” he predicted after casting his vote at a polling station in Milan, according to AndKronos news agency.

Salvini has acknowledged that it will be “complicated months” for Italy in light of the energy and economic crisis that the whole of Europe is experiencing, although he has indicated that “the more people vote, the stronger” the country will be, while with this elections “will be politically legitimized”.

Democratic Party (PD) leader Enrico Letta also exercised his constitutional voting rights at a polling station in Rome around 9 a.m., where he shook hands with some of his supporters, the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’.

Other politicians who have cast their votes in the polls include Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, in Palermo, as well as Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta, who has gone to a polling station in Rome.

Likewise, the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, voted in Florence in the company of his wife Agnese Landini, after which he published a message on his official Twitter profile encouraging the population to go to the polls.

“We voted. Do it, whatever your political views are. Democracy feeds on the efforts of everyone. Long live the Republic, long live Italy. September 25,” Renzi said when publishing a photo in which he appears to be casting his vote.

Source: La Verdad


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