Rodri, the central axis of Luis Enrique


Rodri Hernandez (26 years old) is one of the good news of the Spanish team here world. In Daniel Olmo they are the only field players to have completed all the minutes played so far. Luis Enrique He appreciates his tactical and physical ability, his intelligence on the ball and his versatility, because despite being a pivot he uses him as a center-back, a position to which he has adapted well.

Beyond his defensive work, Rodri This is key to getting the ball. This is almost the first piece of Luis Enrique’s football gear chain. In fact, it used to be Japanesebecame the only player to attempt more than 200 passes in the same game this season. World Cup (215, 204 correctly) since at least 1966. Furthermore, both Rodri What Paul Torres (190, 174 correct) surpassed the current record until now, held by Sergio Ramos in the view of Russia last World Cup (184, 174 successful).

Your game data is discussed by Japanese, his participation in the creation of the game was almost perfect. In addition to the data pointed out, the centrality is the footballer of red who made the most passes in the final third of the opposing field (29), surpassed only by Peter, the most decisive footballer in Spain in that area of ​​the pitch. In this sense, according to data from Opta, Rodri He is also the player who created the most goal chances (2), same as his teammate Daniel Olmoextreme and that, consequently, plays closer to the place.

Defensively he is more than right. He is always well positioned, even if it is not his usual position. That helped him finish the game as the footballer who recovered the most balls from the Spanish team (8).

On a statistical level, in addition, he is not the only player with the most minutes so far in the competition with Simon and Olmo. He gave the most passes (448), the one who ran the most kilometers (32.61 km) and the one who made the most break attempts (95), of which he completed 77 successfully, another rank of the team that also leads .

Luis Enrique He won a good centre-back with Rodri, who was also increasing to break free Busquetswho is very comfortable playing with the footballer from city watching his back. A bet that started in Portugal, when the coach returned him to rest after a recommendation from Aitor Unzue.

Since then, no one has taken him out of there. passed before Pau Torres, Eric Garcia and Hugo Guillamón. In fact, the latter two have yet to debut. Even at the last meeting, the coach decided to do without reporthis partner in city, which has performed at a great level so far. Playing like this and with these numbers, let’s see who feels it.

Source: La Verdad


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