UCAM and Real Murcia waive Rubiales’ help


The Spanish Football Federation, and in view of the economic difficulties of many of the teams participating in the First RFEF, has decided to convene preferential monetary support for the clubs that played in this category in the 2021-22 campaign, as well as for those they will do this in the 2022-2023 academic year.

These exceptional measures will be aimed at “adapting the financial needs” of the clubs, provided that certain requirements are met, “says the call, also recalling that “the clubs must commit to preferentially the to allocate amounts received to the payment of salaries of players, technicians and obligations with social security, when debts or delays in payment of some of these concepts were accredited to the Federation “, says the document of the body that leads Rubiales.

The total amount of the loan is 12 million, although each club is allowed to request only 20% of the revenue from the 201-22 campaign (UCAM) or said percentage of its budget if the team in question has in the Second RFEF (Real Murcia) played. In any case, they will not exceed 400,000 euros per team.

That Yes, in order to apply for these subsidies or advances, which each club must repay within a period of 5 years and without interest, the Federation requires to be informed of its respective Federation and also of the Social Security and the Treasury, something that the group Grana could not contribute at this time. For the time being, UCAM has not considered applying for this accessible advance until June 30, 2023.




Source: La Verdad


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