Hens and Tinoco, new leaders of the Armada the Snipe Trophy


The Provisional General makes a major turnaround as the drop comes in, taking Paco and Marina Sánchez second and Martín and Alejandro Fresneda third

The 43rd Spanish Navy Trophy of the snipe class, organized by the RCR Santiago de la Ribera, reaches its final stretch and does so as planned, even in the wind forecast. Conditions that started yesterday with a jolly 7 knots but ended in 14, always from the northeast.

These conditions led to the closure of three tests, a decision made during the day and against the bad forecasts for the third and final day, scheduled for today. With this, after the conclusion of the fourth test, the second of the day, the throw-out came into play, which resulted in an important reversal in the provisional general classification.

In this sense, Martín and Alejandro Fresneda (CM Almería) from Almería, who were leaders, dropped to third place with 21 points, to 12 of those who now lead the regatta in the Mar Menor, the Belgian boat with Manu Hens and Alexandre Tinoco . . The locals Paco and Marina Sánchez slip onto the podium, who were in ninth place on Sunday and yesterday, thanks to the 1-2-2 partials, they were the most regular and stroked the silver as they have 16 points, only 7 from Hens and Tinoko.

The new leaders went from less to more. In the first test they finished fifth. A somewhat complicated test by that wind that started to show its best face. In the second and third, now with steady and steady winds, their wins have left them clear and convincing in first place, especially after taking away 10th place harvested on Sunday.

The rest of the favorites can now be eliminated, in the case of Martín Bermúdez (RCN Madrid) and Ángela Pumariega (RC Astur Regatas) and Agustín Zabalua and Belén Olivas (RCN Valencia), who dropped to 25th place yesterday. Today’s weather forecast indicates a very unstable wind with only 3-4 knots.

Source: La Verdad


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