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Lorca Deportiva, Cieza, Molinense and Pulpileño chasing packed Águilas and La Unión on wins

Struggling to get into the promotion zone, a lot of competitiveness and six of the first seven finished their games with a win, only Racing Murcia lost and moved away from the leader, four points. Pursuit of historic teams such as Lorca, Cieza, Molinense and Pulpileño, who are going to make a real odyssey this season to get into the top five, as it seems that La Unión and Águilas are destined to play for direct promotion. Lorca becomes like a motorcycle, winning almost everything they play and Racing Murcia will have a chance to finish second next Sunday in Águilas, despite losing their third game so far this season against those of Ciudad del Sol. Game in sight.

At the bottom, Deportiva Minera sinks a little more every Sunday and already has three point saves, followed by a Bullense who hasn’t taken a point since the change of coach and closing the bottom with a Muleño that Juan Carlos Ramos can’t get a point from . El Palmar comes out of hell thanks to a draw, while El Alcantarilla manages to stay out of the lion’s den with just enough. Those of Ángel Sornichero remain out of danger for another week, where Ciudad de Murcia is beaten for the second time in a row.

Aitor Pons’ trio overthrows Caravaca

The mining derby played on Ángel Celdrán went to La Unión. Many fans and the bottom team took to the field, Valdeolivas scored and it’s no surprise, but Grillo’s great goal garnered applause from all in attendance. Palomeque’s go in a rocket.

If it’s not one, it’s the other, but the Águilas put La Unión in trouble on the basis of victories. The aguileño team knocked off one of the teams that plays the best football: a Caravaca that could never beat the albiazules, although the 2-1 brought them close. Aitor Pons beat every attempt at rebellion like a star with three goals.

Racing Murcia found a solid Lorca behind who, in a second half frame, pushed off the raceuistas who see the Lorca people get to a single point. Meanwhile, with Solsona as chief architect, Cieza managed to beat Ciudad de Murcia and went straight into the playoff zone.

Reliability as a visitor to Molinense

What Molinense is doing this season is strange, they lose what they win at home, where Sergio Sánchez’s men are a reliable, dangerous and deadly team in even matches. The canneries tied with Cieza remain in sixth place, but the project as a whole rises. It’s been over a month since Imperial won and while it’s been asking for the time, the truth is that the red puppies beat a needy Muleño.

Source: La Verdad


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