The Moroccan collective from the region of Murcia celebrates their team’s victory against Spain


Cities such as Lorca, Torre Pacheco, Beniel, Murcia and Cartagena host the festivities of the fans of the African team

Thousands of Moroccans celebrate their team’s victory against Spain this Tuesday in the Murcia region. Places with a large presence of the population of Moroccan origin became the scene of some celebrations that could not wait, since after the last penalty that Spain missed, the Moroccan colony of the region took to the streets to enjoy a historic moment for its team, as they had never reached the quarterfinals before.

Some 1,500 Moroccans celebrated their team’s progress to the quarter-finals this Tuesday in San Diego de Lorca’s park after beating Spain in the penalty shootout at the World Cup in Qatar.

Waving their country’s flag and their national team jerseys, adults and children showed their euphoria by beating drums and singing songs under the watchful eye of the police who deployed a strong force in the city to prevent incidents.

The councilor for security, José Luis Ruiz, told LA VERDAD that the Moroccan people living in Lorca come to this meeting point and that the president of Entidades Islámicas del Guadalentín, Said El Yaziji, has participated in organizing the celebration so that “everything is normal expires”. and in an orderly manner.

Dozens of state and local police officers traveled to San Diego Park, who also monitored access to the San Cristóbal and San Diego neighborhoods through the Old Bridge and Juan Carlos I Bridge to control the flow of fans and that “there be no provocations” by either of them.

The town of Torre Pacheco, home to a significant Moroccan population, was also the scene of revelry and festivities for residents who came out to celebrate their team’s transition to the quarter-finals, exploring the streets and squares, both on foot as by car. , while the sound of the horns and the songs of joy followed each other.

Other urban centers, such as Beniel, the San Antón neighborhood of Cartagena or the San Andrés neighborhood of Murcia, also hosted the celebration, with caravans of cars waving the Moroccan flag. At many of the celebrations it was possible to see the Moroccan flag accompanied by that of Spain, both carried by the fans of the African team.

Source: La Verdad


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