Death in Voroshilovsky’s clothing store


A barrage of rockets destroys a flea market in a Russian-controlled Donetsk district, killing at least three and injuring 14

Firefighters continued to search for casualties among the remains of the Voroshilovski Covered Market, in central Donetsk, last night, which was destroyed by a hail of rockets fired by a Ukrainian battery against Russian positions occupying the city. Authorities confirmed three deaths, but at the end of this edition raised the possibility that the actual body count was eight. The rescue teams had to remove tons of rubble and wait for firefighters to extinguish the flames from the burned shops. Fourteen civilians were injured and taken to hospitals.

The images reveal total destruction and desolation. The face of a war fought with cannon fire. A young woman died between the rows of clothes in a textile warehouse, presumably struck by the impact of debris. The flames burned dozens of cars parked in the streets of the market. Half-charred and smoking apples and oranges rolled down the street next to a greengrocer. Within moments, a tongue of fire burned. Four neighboring buildings, offices and even the public prosecutor’s office were also hit.

The last time Kiev’s army attacked the city was last month and then destroyed an administrative building in the center. This time it was a kind of polygon full of establishments, which was also bombed in October. The Moscow press reported yesterday that the rockets hit “citizens and mothers pushing their prams”.

At the time of the bombing, around noon, hundreds of civilians visited the market, but mostly students and office workers who regularly go to the cheap bars and fast food restaurants, the same media say. Surprisingly little information about the attack was released by Russian authorities. The commanders counted the launch of between fourteen and twenty missiles in a short space of two minutes. When fire rains in Ukraine, it rains like a deluge.

Experts attributed the intensity of the attack to the use of an MLRS self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system. This Western-supplied platform fires a dozen missiles in 40 seconds. The succession of Grad projectiles swept through the streets and commercial buildings, most of them brick, as seen in the footage of the incident. The army and fire department found several carcasses in a store.

The Kremlin believes that such a degree of destruction responds to a new tactic by the Ukrainian armed forces, although no Western analyst has confirmed this. According to his version, the artillerymen have begun to aim their guns at the center of the streets or squares so that when the remains explode, they cover a wider area and inflict more casualties. Several cars were riddled with shrapnel and a residential building also suffered serious damage to its facade.

Attacks on markets are a sad bargaining chip between the two armies. In October, it was the Russians who launched a curtain of fire on the city of Avdiivka, also belonging to the Donetsk region but under Ukrainian control, killing seven and wounding nine in a traditional market. And on June 28, they blew up a shopping center in Kremenchuk. People are still missing, consumed by the fire.

Before yesterday’s attack, the city’s separatist authorities reportedly received reports that Kiev wanted to step up the intensity of artillery strikes. On Monday they advised the population to stay at home teleworking.

For its part, while Voroshilovsk burned, Kiev yesterday also denounced two separate Russian bombings against Kherson and the front line between Vugledarska and Limanska. The offensive again destroyed resources and streamlines as the invaders tried to use cold as a weapon against the Ukrainians. Even Volodimir Zelensky was in Slovakia yesterday to praise the local troops on the occasion of Armed Forces Day.

Bombing is the new war. In fact, Ukraine has just reactivated the manufacture of 150 and 152mm howitzers to supply its Soviet-made batteries, which cannot use United States and NATO 150mm caliber ammunition. Despite supplies from the West, Kiev’s army still considers its old artillery essential. He estimates that the missiles caused 60% of all damage and casualties Russia suffered in this invasion.

Source: La Verdad


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