The IOC has postponed the election of the 2030 winter Olympics


The challenges posed by climate change and the sustainability of the Winter Olympic Games have led the IOC to postpone the decision on the 2030 venue, which will not be voted on at the 2023 Session, as planned.

The three cities interested in organizing this edition, Sapporo (Japan), Salt Lake City (USA) and Vancouver (Canada), have been informed about it, said in Lausanne (Switzerland) the IOC director for the Game, Christophe Dubi, after the meeting of the Executive Commission.

Spain also tried to present a candidacy for 2030, but lost the possibility due to the lack of agreement between the governments of Catalonia and Aragon for the distribution of areas.

The three cities in dispute are expected to find out this month which of them will enter the next stage of ‘directed dialogue’ with the IOC to develop a solvent and sustainable project.

However, Dubi indicated that the commission for the future places headed by the Romanian Octavian Morariu proposed to extend the decision to discuss, among other aspects, the possibility that the host city has to show “average minimum temperatures below zero degrees at the venues of the snow contests during the Games for 10 years”.

The Beijing Games in February were played entirely on artificial snow.

Another option to explore is rotating the headquarters to a fixed group of cities.

“Preliminary results from leading academic research show a possible reduction in the number of climate-reliable hosts,” according to the IOC.

The Executive also discussed a double award for 2030 and 2034, “to create stability for sports and the Winter Olympics,” but no conclusion was reached.

“This question requires further study,” estimates the Committee.

Source: La Verdad


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