Total loss in penalty shootout: three shots, three missed


Luis Enrique had given homework to his players, that they should throw a thousand maximum penalties for the World Cup, given the result whether the students had not paid attention to the teacher or nerves grabbed them from seven meters

Luis Enrique had declared on the eve of the round of 16 against Morocco that the luck of penalties is no longer a lottery, that those who train the shots have more chances to hit the ball better. Another problem, he added, is how each footballer handles the tension of the moment. He also said that in one of the concentration centers in Las Rozas, he gave his players homework in view of a possible World Cup round: that they throw at least a thousand maximum penalties before landing in Doha. Given what happened this Tuesday, the students either ignored the teacher or were gripped by nerves from seven feet away. Or both at the same time.

The football practice against the North Africans had been frustrating, but the extra ball stayed off the fateful spot. In Russia, the coin came with tails against the hosts and in the Euro Cup he came head in the quarter final against Switzerland and tail in the semi final against Italy. What happened in Qatar with penalty kicks made the depression severe. Fate cast its long shadow over La Roja from the first pitch.

Sarabia had come out ahead of Nico Williams in the closing minutes of extra time with his head already in the shootout. The one of PSG who hit the post at a discount and did it again with his maximum penalty. Then Soler and Busquets made it very easy for Bono. Three penalties, three failures. Unai Simón stopped one, but to no avail. Total loss in Spain.

Source: La Verdad


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