The backstage of the song that captures Messi and the Argentine


Argentina and Messi have their own music, that melody that comes from the winning, fresh, dreamy cycle. However, their skin crawls with the music the fans play every moment of the World Cup. The time came when the albiceleste tide in the stands sang ‘the’ theme with full force… “Guys, now we are excited again…”, they shouted. The weather is rising cruelly. If the players were moved, Messi himself, who chose it as his favorite song of the national team.

The lyrics are complete, uniting Messi with Maradona and many others: “I was born in Argentina, Tierra del Diego and Lionel; of children from the Malvinas that I will never forget; I can’t explain it to you because you don’t understand; the finals that we lost, I cried over them for several years; but that ended because at the Maracana, dad won again in the final with the Brazucas. Muchaaachoosss, now we are excited again; I want to win third, I want to be world champion; and we will see Diego from heaven; with Don Diego and La Tota rooting for Lionel. Muchaaachoooos, now we are excited again; I want to win third, I want to be world champion; and we will see Diego from heaven; with Don Diego and La Tota encouraging Lionel; and be champion again, and be champion again.

The lyrics are from a Racing fan

The lyrics are from a fan: Fernando Romero, teacher, 30 years old, from the outskirts of Buenos Aires, west zone, Haedo. He writes while cooking. He is a Racing fan and the Academy fans sang it. He adapted it with Maradona, Messi, Las Malvinas and the final at the Maracana.

He was born on the day Argentina debuted as American champion, against Bolivia. In the preview, Fernando was given a typical color note on a TV channel and it went viral on the networks. Later, he was contacted by Guillermo Novellis, the singer of the group La Mosca, the ‘owner’ of the original song that inspired Fernando: “Guys, I’m drunk tonight”. There they invited him to participate in a video clip as a co-author. And the phenomenon exploded.

Messi’s favorite

Today Fernando is called to interview him. Even from FIFA they called him. He was moved when he heard Messi say “Muchachos…” is his favorite song of the national team… The Albiceleste squad has been repeating it over and over since winning the Finalissima against Italy in June this year, even on trips. on the bus.

Guillermo Novellis has feelings for Fernando. The leader of La Mosca, a fan of San Lorenzo, compares: “Messi singing the song is like an orgasm. It’s like coming to Rome and being accepted by the Pope”. And he recognizes that this new version of “Muchachos…” has surpassed the original and now they will be asked for it everywhere. Obvious.

Source: La Verdad


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