Federer revealed the tearful conversation in which he announced his farewell to Nadal


Roger Federer is walking around the United States these days. The Swiss tennis legend was a luxury spectator at the NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics played in New York, a city where he gave an interesting interview on Thursday morning.

It was on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’. There Roger was released and explained things that had not yet seen the light. One of them is he called Rafa Nadal to ask him to play a doubles match with him in the Laver Cup…and that was his last game.

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“So my hope was to play doubles with Rafa. So I called him after the US Open and it was a very emotional conversation because it was one of the first times I had told someone outside of my team about my decision (on his departure) and my family. And he needs to call him and tell him ‘Hey, Rafa, before you make any other plans, I want you to come to the Laver Cup and play my last doubles match with you. It would be great because (crying), unfortunately, (crying) my knee is no longer right and I think this is the end, you know?“he explained in a relaxed tone.

He was like ‘oh yeah, oh my god… OK, yeah. I will go there. Whatever happens…’” was the answer of a shocked Nadal who could not believe the news his good friend gave him.

The rest of the story you already know. Federer and Nadal played a doubles match that will go down in tennis history and that ended with both (and millions of viewers around the world) crying uncontrollably

Source: La Verdad


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