Thomas and McIlroy, on the hard line of the PGA Tour one that pays


justin thomaswinner of two Grand Slams, two PGAs to be more specific and the last three weeks ago, and Rory McIlroywinner of four ‘majors’, both number one in the world at the time and therefore two of the most powerful voices today in PGA Toursspoke after a dispute in the first round of the Canadian Open about the ‘sanctions’ of 17 ‘rebel’ golfers who went to the millionaire Saudi Super League.

“I’m happy. Whoever was shocked they didn’t listen to the message launched by Jay Monahan (executive director of the American circuit) all the time. The players who went to LIV Golf decided to take that risk, if “I thought it was a risk. As I always say, I have a lot of faith and confidence in the PGA Tour, the path we are treading and we will continue to grow. LIV players will not be a part of it,” said Thomas.

McIlroy, for his part, made sure he would watch the LIV Golf tournament on television out of curiosity and because he had some friends there. The Northern Irish also applauded Monahan’s decision. “I think Jay is pretty transparent. He always says he will act within the rules of the tour and with the rules that are put in place to be a member of the PGA Tour. Everything he does basically follows the book. I think most Of the members that we are here this week and we are not going to play somewhere else we really appreciate it.So I think he did the right thing because these guys broke the rules, they did things out of regulations and that has consequences, “he explained. .

Thomas also read about what the relationship will be like between players who stay on the PGA Tour and those who go to LIV Golf. “Next week at the US Open is a bit weird. I saw DJ last week at home, and he’s great. I would say a lot of guys, myself including, don’t go to the US Open to socialize. ‘ I’m not there to have talk and catch up. I’m sure it will be awkward. When I saw DJ last week, I didn’t know what to say, whether to congratulate him, goodbye or what. I think we are all adults and we know that in some we can make jokes and others have to be left alone. Ultimately, we are all there to win the Grand Slam “.

Justin hopes there are no more ‘defections’ in the Super League (LIV Golf). “You never know. They offer so much money to people that it’s very hard to refuse. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, everyone has a number. Obviously they’ve reached that. Numbers for some people and hopefully not. they do the rest. I think we have a very strong core on the PGA Tour, very stable and solid, and I hope it continues to be that way. “

Source: La Verdad


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