Ancelotti and the Luis Enrique situation


Carlo Ancelotti He gave an interview to Corriere dello Sport newspaper where he talked about the World Cup, Cristiano and Spain’s elimination.

His evolution as a coach

“Until recently, it was very difficult for me to vary the game systems and strategies during the match, now I have changed and I am more flexible. The era of fundamentalism is over, even if the players have evolve and know how to be”

Replacing Cristiano Ronaldo

“I didn’t watch the match between Portugal and Switzerland because I was eating pizza with my grandchildren, your replacement? In football anything is possible. He is probably good and feels like a 20-something, but his body allows. He has always taken care of his body, but the competition in the national team has been tough, if we think that someone like Leao starts from the bench, this will not be Cristiano’s last dance”.

The management of Cristiano Ronaldo

“I had him for two years but there were no problems, in fact he solved them for me. A player who scores at least one goal per game cannot be a problem. Cristiano is an athlete who trains well and is always attentive to details, Easy for me to handle

Removal of Spain

“In Madrid there is a big disappointment for the elimination, the expectations are high and the team is still young. Luis Enrique received a very hard attack before the games, think now”


“He is a modern and complete forward, his feet are not very sharp but he is coordinated and with great synchronization in the area. He also has a strong head, although he is not a giant. For me, he is among the best forwards.”


“Now he is more sure of himself. He and Mbappé have a unique quality: it is hard to believe that they can have such explosiveness and base speed”

Favorites to win the World Cup

“Brazil is the most complete team. They have freshness and experience. England’s limit is their mentality, but I’m curious to see him against France.”

An Ancelotti’s Brazil

“Brazil is a bit mine. Vinicius, Rodryo and Militao are there, as well as Richarlison and Casemiro”

the tiki taka

“I’m not shy about restarting with quality players. But if you have Vinicius or Mbappé and they steal the ball from you and you are not looking for verticality… you are a criminal”.

Who is better Maradona or Messi

“I played against Diego, and also out of love I said Maradona”.

Source: La Verdad


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