Neuer’s injury opened up Germany’s possession to Ter Stegen


Neuer’s injury opened up Germany’s possession to Ter Stegen

Ownership for the purpose of German team must have been opened due to force majeure. Manuel Neuerthe main goalkeeper of the ‘Maanschaft’ since 2009, has already warned of his intention to continue playing for the national team with a view to euro 2024, despite his 36 years and being one of the fixed faces in the second consecutive defeat in a four-time World Cup. When in the public and published opinion of the country there are already voices asking whether it is necessary to think about a relay as soon as possible, a skiing accident will force it: the goalkeeper of Bayern will miss the rest of the season after his right was violated. legs The favorite to fill his vacancy in the national team goal is Marc André ter Stegen.

In Hansi Flick ratified as German coach until the end of the Euro Cup where Germany will play host, it seems that at the age of 30 the time has come for the goalkeeper of FC Barcelona. At the World Cup in Qatar, where Germany failed to get past the first stage, Ter Stegen did not play a single minute, although articles have been published suggesting his chance has come. Bild, for example, pointed out that “Ter Stegen is ready to lead” highlighting that Neuer has made “unusual insecurities in the passing game, where he is always sovereign” in Qatar, which is why he named “Is he still Neuer untouchable ?”

After a few unfortunate seasons, even numerically, Ter Stegen The current one started with a positive dynamic as confirmed by his numbers in the League, where he is working for his first Zamora after barely receiving five goals in 14 days.

Neuer remains highly respected in Germany, a country that has enjoyed some of the best goalkeepers in history, such as Sepp Maier, Harald Schumacher Y Oliver Kahn. The Bayern goalkeeper played in the 2018 World Cup after being injured throughout the previous season, due to a cleft metatarsal in his left foot. But at that time Neuer was 32 years old and not 36, as he is now. Although the next international matches will not come until March, for the Euro Cup Neuer will be 38 years old. Ter Stegen arrives at the tournament where Germany hopes to regain its prestige at 32, an ideal age for a goalkeeper. Playing well at Barça is key to confirming his status as a favorite where he seems to be starting with the other goalkeepers who shared his bench in Qatar, kevin’s trapAlso 32 years old and defending in the framework of Frankfurt Eintracht.

Source: La Verdad


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