Kyle Walker and Stones aren’t leaving Qatar empty-handed… Fascinating!


The hope of England to raise the World Cup disappeared in defeat against France in the quarterfinals, but the Manchester City tandem, Kyle Walker Y John Stonesthey don’t want to leave Qatar completely empty-handed, and decided to bring home a stray cat that the team had befriended at their training base.

The cat, who the two players decided to name Dave, will have to spend four months in quarantine before he can join the duo in Manchester. “The animal was only there for a day, so Stones and I confirmed it,” Walker told the FA’s official media channel.

“Dave is welcome at the table…Some people don’t really like the cat, but I love him. The first day we got there, Dave showed up,” Stones added. “Every night he would sit there waiting for his food.”

Source: La Verdad


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