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This Saturday the IFAB meeting took place where a series of changes and clarifications to the Laws of the Game were approved in addition to confirming the decision made at the recent Annual Business Meeting where it was decided to test the video broadcast of decisions in review by the assistant referee (VAR) in the stadium and a live television audience. The test was applied at the last Club World Cup. IFAB decided to further improve communication with fans in stadiums. The 12-month trial, which began in Morocco,

it will also apply to the U-20 World Cup in Indonesia between May and June 2023. It will be decided whether the test will continue in other FIFA tournaments later this year.

But undoubtedly the big decision is in terms of discount time. Get more effective time. And it was decided to follow the approach taken during the World Cup in Qatar where a more accurate calculation of “extra time” was implemented. Up to one minute is deducted for each celebration of a goal, conversion or any injury that occurs. It was agreed that competitions around the world should follow this procedure.

Success in using semi-automatic offside

FIFA has given an update on the application of semi-automated offside technology and the inclusion of “light” VAR. In addition, it was agreed to review the protocol, methods and practical aspects of VAR with key interested parties. In addition, for competitions that do not have the necessary resources to implement VAR and “light” VAR, testing of an additional video analysis system has been approved with the aim of making it available worldwide.

The new Game Rules will be published in the coming days

In relation to the Laws of the Game 2023/24, which will come into force on 1 July 2023, it has been agreed to include the confirmation of offside situations published under Law 11 regarding whether or not the ball was kicked by a defender. The play that set up the goal in the League of Nations final for Mbappe against Espala. In addition, the coach will not be penalized if the referee fails to identify a bench player. In addition, the goalkeeper who interferes with the pitcher in a penalty shootout will be penalized.

A complete list of changes and clarifications to the Laws of the Game will be published next week. Competitions starting before July 1, 2023 may apply changes earlier or delay their application until the start of the next competition at the latest.

In addition, members received an update on the trial with additional permanent concussion substitutions, which were expanded to facilitate additional data collection. For temporary concussion replacements, there are no trials taking place at this time, but they remain under active review. It was agreed that more focus should be placed on education to improve the implementation of protocols developed for permanent concussion substitutions.

Learning to improve disciplinary standards

It was also agreed to establish a working group that will focus on new ways to improve discipline and reduce aggression among match officials, players and team officials at grassroots and fan levels. In this regard, the English Federation reported on a test approved by the IFAB and applied at grassroots level, where referees wear body cameras that record all communications with players and coaches.

Source: La Verdad


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