Klopp and Ten Haag appeal


Liverpool and Manchester United managers Jürgen Klopp and Erik ten Hag respectively, they made this Saturday an appeal to their fans so that this Sunday, in the classic starring both teams at Anfield, they did not sing songs in reference to the tragedy suffered by both clubs. The match coincides with the 26th day of the Premier.

“We want noise, we want the atmosphere to be electric. What we don’t want is anything more than that and especially songs that have no place in football,” he said. Klopp in a joint statement.

The rivalry between Liverpool and United is considered the biggest in English football and it is common for ‘reds’ fans to refer on the United air disaster in Munich (where on February 6, 1958, 23 members of said club died) and the ‘red devils’, in the Hillsborough tragedy, on April 15, 1989where 97 supporters of the Anfield team died.

“We all love the passion of the fans when our teams face each other, but there are limits that must not be crossed. It is unacceptable to use lost lives, regardless of the tragedy involved, in search of scoring points and it is time to stop,” explained Ten Hag.

“Those responsible are not only damaging the reputation of our clubsbut also to him, the fans and our great cities”, concluded the United coach.

When Manchester United traveled to Leeds recently, fans of the Old Trafford side, faced with chants about Munich and rival fans stretching their arms to mimic an aeroplane, responded by chanting “Istanbul, Istanbul” in reference to two Leeds supporters. death in Turkey, where they found for his team’s 1999-2000 Europa League semifinal against Galatasaray.

Source: La Verdad


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