Is Ramsdale competing with Dibu for the season stoppage? What barbarity!


The season started talking about the purpose of Arsenal. Some doubted that Aaron Ramsdale He may be the goal of a team aspiring to be champions but the Englishman is proving week in and week out to be a good goalkeeper.

He made great saves, no doubt, but nothing match-to-match bournemouth. This is undoubtedly the season breaker in the Premier League and who knows if one of the year. After failing to prevent Bournemouth’s first goal after 15 seconds, Ramsdale he avoided the second with a spectacular action. He went on the counter leading Billing and hit a low ball to the far post, where Outarra stepped in to finish it off. Ramsdale not only did he have the speed to attack the ball, but he raised his hands and made an impressive save.

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