The 18th minute of the final magnifies the legend of Messi


Leo Messi never tired of being beaten stars. The finally (with Leo it is forbidden to say that this is the last) he just established this Sunday. In particular, once the timer for the World Cup final between Argentina and France in Qatar exceeded the barrier of 18 minutes.

Because since then it has surpassed the minutes played by Paolo Maldini in the history of World Cups and has become the footballer who has played the most minutes in this tournament in its entire history, since it began in 1930.

In these first 18 minutes, Leo, who before the match had a total of 2,199 minutes, equaled Maldini’s 2,217 and went on to occupy the first place in the ranking.

Behind Messi and Maldini appears Lothar Matthauswith 2,047, the last player in 2,000 minutes, and Seelerwith 1,980 minutes.

Source: La Verdad


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