Before New Year’s Eve – a Dutchman was killed in a fireworks explosion


In the Netherlands, a 24-year-old man died on Saturday evening when a heavy firework was ignited. According to the police, the fireworks exploded in front of the man’s face. After a ban on fireworks on New Year’s Eve during the corona pandemic in the previous two years, there are now increasing fears of injuries and material damage.

Since the Netherlands recently tightened the rules for setting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve, the import of illegal heavy fireworks has increased. These mainly come from Germany and Belgium.

Late Saturday evening, such a 24-year-old in Ridderkerk was fatally injured. He tried to set off a heavy firecracker, but it exploded in front of his face. The victim was resuscitated on the street, but died shortly afterwards in a hospital.

Family members became aggressive
A 62-year-old family member who incapacitated the rescuers and allegedly became aggressive had to be arrested for a short time. Security forces also arrested a 29-year-old who was standing next to the victim and carrying other illegal fireworks. After the fireworks ban of the past two years, the Dutch police fear that there will be more injuries and material damage due to explosions around New Year’s Eve.

Source: Krone


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