Bucket: “I always want to be here but you never know the future”


The protector of FC Barcelona Alejandro Balde (19 years old) attended the Ser Catalunya microphones to review his personal situation at the beginning of the season in which he made a big step into the first team of boat and he was able to debut with absolutely nothing else and nothing less than the World Cup in Qatar.

bucket He pointed out that “the truth is that everything is very fast but at the moment everything is going well. I am still very young but I am trying to assimilate things properly”. He admitted that “a year ago I was between Barça B and the first team and now I’m in the first team and I’ve played in a World Cup. It’s like a dream.”

Asked if he saw himself out of the club in the summer, he commented “no, but I don’t know what my future is, last season I didn’t have many minutes in the first team but I took it as a challenge and I want to stay here”. From the past he said that “there are offers but nothing serious because I want to continue here.” He added about if he will renew that “well, right now I leave everything in the hands of my agent but yes, my intention is always to be here but what can happen in the future I don’t know.” Of his signing for jorge mendes as a representative he said that “when I was young I was with Minguella but the contract ended and he had no representative and Jorge contacted my family and we are very happy.”

Regarding his position and the fact that he also plays on the right, he argued that “I have never played as a right-back but as long as I have minutes, it doesn’t matter what position I play. It’s expected because there is almost no full-backs and he told me that he will still play and I took it well. There’s quite a difference, especially with the profiles when it comes to defending”.

bucket he explained that “I usually watch videos of opponents playing in my position to see their strengths and weaknesses” and said “I have a lot of things to improve on but I’m still very young. I’ve improved a lot but can improve more I still” .

The defender sure”Dembele He is the player that costs me a lot to defend. He has very good one-on-ones.”

Source: La Verdad


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