Mykhaylo Mudryk, a magician for Arsenal


Mykhaylo Mudryk, a magician for Arsenal

Mykhailo Mudryk (21) is definitely exploded and the Shakhtar it became small. The young Ukrainian footballer is ready to face a new challenge and the Arsenal he is crazy to get his services.

The set of Mikel Arteta is in a good situation: leader in premier leaguewith a 5 point advantage over City of Manchester. However, the damage gabriel jesusto miss the next three months and the difference in level between substitutes and starters forces the ‘gunners’ to hit the winter market.

The signing of Mudryk It’s not a whim, it’s a leap in talent for any team. He is one of those players born to play soccer and get the fans off their seats. An attacker who leaves no one indifferent. His 10 goals and 9 assists in 18 games between the domestic competition and the Champions League is a great endorsement for any footballer. Although the League of Ukraine It’s not the most powerful in the world, those numbers are beyond everyone’s reach.

Both at his current club and the national team he wears the number 10, a number that perfectly represents him game type: fun, magical, creative and custom. That player to whom the ball is given in difficult moments.

He likes to play on the left wing and his game is similar to that of neymar. He is talented, a bargainer, he likes to face the outside and collaborate inside, imagine and try things that others don’t even think about.. Accelerate, brake, accelerate again and suddenly shoot. He is unpredictable for defenses, who cannot stop him. His lower body is powerful and allows him to withstand the attacks of rivals who attempt to knock him down..

Play with determination, guts and winning character. His dominant leg and the one on which he plays the most is his right, but he has no problem identifying with his left, where he accumulates many goals. His ability to create advantages is within the reach of very few footballers. He is a magician.

The agreement seems to be a matter of days and for the clubs to resolve the economic part. The first offer was around 50-60M and it was rejected. The deputy director of Shakhtar, Nicoliniensured that: ”60 million is not enough to sign Mudryk. Our director said we need an offer closer to the Grealish fare than Antony to sell Mudryk.” That is, more than 100.

However, negotiations are still ongoing and are expected to close at an intermediate point. The player’s goal is to play the emirates stadium Y He showed it on Monday in his social networks, with a wink showing that he was watching a match between Arsenal Y Westham.

Arteta believe his signing could be the difference between ending up winning the league or not. If he comes and adapts quickly Arsenal he will have one of the most dynamic and talented attacks in the league. In addition, he is a forward with midfielder things, the perfect partner to do magic tricks with the captain, Odegaard.

Source: La Verdad


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