2-0: Total party at Anoeta: Oyarzabal returns and Real win


No realist will forget New Year’s Eve from 2022 to 2023. And not because his team beat Osasuna comfortably with two goals from Brace Y Sorloth which are real delicacies. Or just not for that. In the 86th minute of the match, one of the most emotional moments in the history of Anoeta Stadium was experienced: 35,000 people, txuri urdin and rojillos, gave an ovation to Mr. Mikel Oyarzabal Ugarte, who returned to football 289 days after being injured. Coming back Michael, football is back, the Real is back. Give me more champagne. Early party at Anoeta. And the third squad txuri urdin.

Entering the field of ’10’ crowned a happy, calm afternoon for the Gipuzkoans, who ended up imposing their hierarchy against Osasuna, which barely finished with the goal. those of imanol They passed the roller to the second part where they insisted until the sentence was scored. And then they focused on sweetening their captain’s return. If you manage to score, the stadium will collapse.

The award goes to Imanol

At the beginning of the meeting, there was a double tribute: to the best bertsolaris of today, the geniuses of rhyme and improvisation, and Imanol Bailiff, the royalist strategist making his 201st game for the first team. A giant tifo with the image of the Oriotarra coach wearing a tailcoat rose in the Zabaleta stand and did not retreat until the start of the game. And of course it became clear to the two technicians, imanol Y JagobaAll week they studied every detail of the encounter. As the planet watches the World Cup, they analyze the Big Data of the Anoeta match.

Imanol: the bold option

And for 20 minutes nothing from the match escaped the hard drive of the coaches. Everything is planned, recorded, studied. Even two shy approaches were virtual, with plays called off for offside. imanolof the alternatives he held, he chose the boldest: in the absence of Merinodecided to change the system, from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3, so that hut Y Momo Cho can accompany Sorloth to attack, incl zubimendi, Brace Y Silva in the back. Jagoba yes, he wore a suit of prudence, with five defenses and three ways to hold the whole block and Aimar Oroz together chemistry to the point.

And for 20 minutes nothing from the match escaped the hard drive of the coaches. Everything is planned, recorded, studied. Even two shy approaches were virtual, with plays called off for offside. Only talent can escape the cage of those Ipads and blackboards. The unique genius of a footballer who never stops growing and destroying opposing networks. Brace Mendez He decided to end the yawning of the 32,000 spectators present at Anoeta and burst into a play reserved only for the chosen ones.

A goal with a thread of genius

Everyone is born in a throw-in destined, like everything in the game, to sleep the sleep of the just. But that’s where the rebellion was first born hutheeled on the wing and strengthened by Aritzand then Brace, his ally in matters of magic. The double Japanese-Galician combination ended with a deep ball to the ‘killer’ by Mos, who eliminated himself from the opposition of Juan Cruz cutting with the right and executed with a kind of thread on a long stick with his left foot falling behind. The leather hit the wood before going in crying on goal. Lovers of this sport also shed tears, but with emotion.

Osasuna wants to react with a chemistry ‘on fire’ in full pique with zubimendibut his header after a cross manu sanchez easy shortcut remiro. It is not easy to create a danger to two victim dogs of the level and state of the form of zubeldia Y Le Normand.

[+] Check out the summary and the goals of the match:

And that was the break, with no more shocks than a shot from Peña from Pamplona. remiro he did the foreshortening of trying to stop it just to warm up. After a break, both teams decide to take off their corsets and drop their ballast. And in the round trip, the one who ended up eating the second grape was Real, with the goal of a choral prodigy finished by Sorloth.

Before that, the royalists had flirted with the total party on half a dozen occasions, in the purely technical and offensive chaos of Silva, hut, Sorloth and company. The clearest ball at the end post of hut that did not arrive Silva and a shot of Brace who came out gesturing with a stick.


But the scored one Sorlothmaking of Sorloth moreover, along with Trondheim’s ice roots. Rico powers Silva and he powers Brais with a great heel drop. The deep helping of Galician and the sense that pierces the skin of the Norwegian is pure delicacy. In the afternoon, pitch goals; in the evening good ham and oysters on the table.

As expected, Osasuna started to fry the area with balls centered from distance, from the right flank, and in one of them, the header from Darko Brasanac hit in the arm zubeldia, though naturally placed, so there is no room for a penalty. Another 100 meters, that’s unbelievable Sorloth he will not pierce the third after the middle of Navarrese.

The climax remained, the 12th grape, the exit from the Oyarzabal field that greeted everyone. Welcome, Mikel.




Real society: Remiro; Aritz, Zubeldia, Le Normand, Rico; Zubimendi, Brais (Illarra, min.79), Silva (Ander Martín, min.79); Kubo (Gorosabel, min.79), Sorloth, Cho (Navarro, min.74).
TheOsasuna: Aitor; Pain; Unai García (Brasanac, min.65), David García, Juan Cruz (Ez Abde, min.78), Manu Sánchez; Torró (Rubén García, min.65), Moncayola, Moi Gómez; Oroz (Kike García, min.57), Chimy Ávila (Barja, min.77).
The The
Thethe objectives: 1-0: Brais (min.21). 2-0: Sorloth (min.64)
TheReferee: Pizarro Gómez. He advised Unai García (min.56), Brais (min.67)

viewers: 34,847 viewers in Anoeta.​

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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