Copa del Rey, live | Draw crosses and matches in the round of 16


12:41In other words, this Friday will be a mixed draw: first conditioned and then pure. First, the qualifying round for the four lower category clubs will be awarded: Ceuta, Levante, Alavés and Sporting. The four will be paired in a Primera (Bamboo 1) and the tie will be held in their respective stadiums. Then a pure draw will be held among the eight remaining teams of the First Division. The match will be played on the field of the team that came out of the draw first.

12:32 p.mIn this round the only determining factor is the teams from
Second Y
First RFEF They cannot be paired with each other, so they have to face a Primera. In addition, the tie will be held in the field of the Second or First RFEF team

12:20 p.mOf the 16 survivors, there are 12 teams in the First Division (
Athletic, And. Madrid, Barça, Betis, Espanyol, Mallorca, Osasuna, R. Madrid, R. Sociedad, Seville, Valencia and Villarreal), 3 of the Second (
Alaves, Levante and Sporting) and 1 from Primera RFEF (

12:09Greetings to all! Welcome to live
Copa del Rey round of 16 draw! At 1:00 pm it is scheduled to start in Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas and in MD we will tell you everything! Let’s start with the preview!

Source: La Verdad


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