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At the start of the season, from all club levels, Europe was set as a goal. To achieve this we need to leave at least fourteen teams in an endurance race. By not defeating teams like Osasuna, rivals escape us and we run the risk of putting someone who doesn’t even consider it in the match: Osasuna, Rayo and Mallorca are there. With little yielding points in recent days, Villarreal and our rivals on Saturday have laid ground in the middle. Time to cut.

What is drawn will be a lesser evil; defeat is a blow. At this point we cannot allow ourselves that a direct rival runs away with nine points. This extra pressure we put on ourselves.


It would seem strange that on the eve of a fight like this we are looking at these issues, but now is the time. They have more than enough sports information on the inside pages.

Due to rumors about the possible signing for the next season of Iñigo Ruiz de GalarretaLet’s first ponder another valid question for the Mallorca player or any other for the coming season. Any move should be linked to the key to everything: coach next season. Regardless of whether or not there are talks between Txingurri and the club to extend the relationship, if he does a good job, unless he doesn’t want to continue, negotiations should be closed immediately.

If not, the coach for next year should contact as soon as possible to prepare what will be his squad with the director of Football, former sports director. It should never be in the hands of someone who is not going to be there to decide whether this or that player goes in or out. if it will be Valverde, perfect. If not, it’s someone else’s job. My request? Until now, I hope Valverde.

Based on the stocks and needs and the study of the short and medium planning of what is in Lezama, the inputs and outputs must be weighed, and who will adopt them must be responsible for those this. Bringing in players who won’t play is a waste of the club’s resources emphasizing that they are scarce.

A decision around which many others revolve cannot be delayed: having a coach and that he commits to what he asks, obviously to play. Management like ander layer baffle as well as some recent headless adjustments. Before complaining about not having resources, let’s start by making the best use of what we have. And it is the responsibility of the coach and the board.

Back to Galarreta Ruiz: From my point of view, with what we have in the squad, I wouldn’t bet on a 30-year-old player for an overcrowded position, no matter how much he arrived without a transfer. Not to mention injury history.

do we know if Ander Herrera to be or not? It will be interesting information for partners to know the conditions of their ‘assignment’. In principle, even without him, we have more than two players in some positions. And for emergency, quarry. Ruiz de Galarreta? Who’s out?

If nothing goes wrong, here in seven days

Source: La Verdad


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