Police charge Ramsdale shooter


A Tottenham-Arsenal spectator played on Sunday (0-2) has been accused of assaulting Aaron Ramsdale, goalkeeper of the ‘Gunners’, after the final whistle of the match, as reported by the London police today.

Joseph Watts, 35, from Hackney, North London, was charged with assault, throwing a projectile onto the field, trespassing in the area between the pitch and the stands. He must respond to these charges in court on February 17.

After the referee blew the whistle to end the North London derby, Ramsdale turned to the Tottenham supporters and kissed the crest on their shirts. He then went to pick up the bottle located next to the goal and at that moment a spectator climbed over the fence of the field boundary and tried to kick him in the back while a steward tried to stop him. Later, the fan removed the scarf covering his face before leaving the stadium.

Tottenham condemned the incident and promised the “strongest possible action” against the attacker. The Football Federation of England also “strongly condemned” the events.

Source: La Verdad


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