Against: High mountain stages


The calendar, fluctuating many times, wanted Real Sociedad to match the two greats in just a few days, within the framework of two different competitions, the Cup and the League.

When asked how the team approaches imanol these two truly high mountains go through their race towards the goal, there are no easy answers, or at least not one. In principle, and based on the results of the txuri urdin, it seems that the moment could not be more fortunate, because those led by imanol they chained a whopping nine consecutive victories, beating their best historical records. The royalists have moved up to an incredible third place, placing the land in the middle with respect to their immediate pursuers, and seriously threatening to attack second place, at least in the carelessness of either of the two great ocean liner.

All this was accompanied by the respect and admiration that his football proposal gained among locals and strangers, and although it seemed to some that it was a bit painful to give praise to what the realists had gone through, in the end they could do nothing but Surrender to the Evidence: Real are, indisputably, the revelation team, the stylish team of the season.

Now, is this enough to successfully suppress the part of the two plenipotentiaries in the competition? I would say yes, without any hesitation. However, there are several elements to consider in this case, which may change our predictions. On the one hand, Madrid and Barça seem to have returned from the World Cup break somewhat confused, but the latest results for both point to a recovery. The whites came from winning in an always difficult setting like San Mamés, while the Catalan Super Cup tournée was really good for the blaugrana. In short, two exciting events of the highest level await us.


It is true that the high level shown by Alex Remiro Throughout the campaign, he shut down any debate about ownership of Real Sociedad’s goal, with the property title held authoritatively by the Cascante goalkeeper. But behind the Navarrese, the situation now seems unclear, to the point that no one knows – I hope imanol Yes- who is the second goalkeeper of the first team, that is, in charge of covering behind Remiro in case he is absent for any reason.

Until a few weeks ago it seemed clear to all of us Andoni Zubiaurre, who recently renewed his association with the club, is that man. He earned that renewal in recognition of his work last year at the Second subsidiary. But the coach may have seen something, who decided to change his order of spread in the goal, and in the final calls he made First Marrero preceded the ordiziarra, which is a remarkable fact, however numerous it may be imanol try to make it natural.

Since the time of irundarra Alberto, and we are talking about the end of the last century, Real was not able to “make” its own goalkeeper of guarantees. We have to wait.


Defeat in the Super Cup final against Barcelona was part of almost all predictions, and it was naturally assumed, after maintaining the class with a lot of dignity. What really hurts is the serious injury of the Venezuelan eveningone of the team’s mainstays Natalia Arroyo, and that pretty much said goodbye to the season. Very, very bad news.


The pivot from San Sebastian is one of the stylish footballers and at Real they begin to assume that, sooner rather than later, zubimendi I can pack my bags.

As has happened in Isaac, Royal could pocket a large sum of money in exchange for giving up one of its most valuable assets. The club’s management is already thinking about it and working on alternatives. Normal.


-The statistics of Imanol Bailiff with Barça they are really striking because of their negatives: 9 games with a balance of 8 defeats and 1 draw.

-The only result other than the defeat of imanol against Barcelona was the two-goal draw of the 2019-2020 season, with goals from Oyarzabal and Isak.

-In the chapter on goals for and against this imbalance can be seen, with 23 goals for the blaugranas and only 8 for the txuri urdin. Unfavorable balance of 15 goals.

Source: La Verdad


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