Nairo Quintana: “I am an honest runner, I respect the rules and I want to compete again”


With a serious and concentrated face, but also with a smile, Nairo Quintana (32 years old) appeared in a press conference that was awaited with great interest around the world, but especially in Colombia, his country, where he is a hero. Many are thought to have won the Giro d’Italia of 2014 and La Vuelta of 2016 He will announce his retirement, due to the refusal of several top teams to take him, after his positive for tramadol in the last Tour de France and a must International Cycling Union veto both the World Tour teams, from the highest category of cycling, and the lower ones, who need an invitation to run the great tours.

Despite this, Nairo did not retire and wanted to continue fighting, even though the season had already started and he still did not have a team. This was announced at a press conference where he first read a letter in his “handwriting”, as he stressed.

These are his most interesting words:

“Good morning everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an audience, so many cameras, knowing and understanding that this is due to the speculations that have recently surrounded the media and social networks. These are words I wrote with my own handwriting, words many will remember and I’m nervous to speak, but that’s what will happen from now on to Nairo Quintana.

A true cyclist does not give up in the face of adversity. Cycling enthusiasts, journalists who accompany us and all the people who continue to accompany me. The life of a cyclist, regardless of whether he is a leader or a socialite, is a symbol of struggle, trained under the discipline of this sport… We are warriors, we are warriors and everything regardless our successes and we have devoted a large part of our existence to fighting in the face of adversity.

I am not the exception and I consider myself a warrior, who has overcome all kinds of circumstances, poverty, inequality, discrimination and injustice.

My career as a beginner in Boyacá, as a professional in the team that opened doors for me and in Europe was always public, I was always ready to answer questions and speak…

In my sports career, I am ready to take many challenges and be consistent in my performances and in front of my fans who enjoy the victories and suffer…

Thanks to the support of my coaches and teammates and that you gave me, I was able to become the Colombian and Latin American cyclist with the most titles in history… This is the result of struggle, discipline and daily effort , in addition to motivation of an entire country.

Today I want to tell you that I am in a good mood to continue, because of the events of the last few months where the inexplicable wind and the inexplicable wall that has been raised cannot be denied. I did not give up and continued.

I am a cyclist who is used to fighting, cold, heat, scratches and I always get up and keep pedaling. Struggle and sacrifice are the paths I know.

I will continue to fight to compete, to continue cycling until my body and mind fight. I am a devoted runner, always have been. I have passed more than 260 anti-doping controls in my last 10 years of racing and I have not had any problems. I respect the rules, compete with integrity and respect fair play.

These moments of uncertainty have not been easy, but I embrace them. Although it’s true that I don’t have a team yet, I’m still available to wear the jersey and give my best on the road, my record supports me. I want to compete again, put up a number and feel the need to respond to a team, to give my best at the finish line. I like it and I need it, because the competition is with me, but I also need a better environment to be calm and focused.”

Then he thanked the support received from companies and sponsors, the offers received from the Colombian teams to run with them, but “my interest is to continue raising the flag of my country in the great races in world”, also thanking the fans for their support. , which “has been a staple all these months. It’s nice to know that people appreciate me and appreciate what Nairo Quintana did and built.”

And he added, “for now I want to continue on the iron horse and write more titles on the history of Colombian cycling and Nairo Quintana.”

To this end, Nairo continues training and awaits an offer. He assures that he is available to “hire a top-flight team. I am constantly training, talking and I have to sit down with some of them to talk in the future.”

For this, Quintana He announced that in the second week of February he will travel to Europe to find a team that wants to sign him.

Source: La Verdad


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