The 1×1 txuri order of the first round


Real Sociedad has been the best team in the ‘other League’ and most of its players have reached the peak of their performance despite the fact that injuries have plagued the dressing room and heavily mediated the coach’s behavior . Only the goalkeepers illarra, Navarrese and Brace they were saved from the burning of the infirmary and those who returned from the long display will need time. It is a joy to see zubimendi, Brace, hut, Sorloth, Silva, zubeldia, Merino….


His dazzling performance at the Bernabéu opened another great first round in which he played everything. He maintained a regular level, with very clear interventions in a complex context because they were almost beyond his reach. Imanol did not give Zubiaurre options.


Five games where he showed that he has something, offensive power and self-confidence in the right lane that will be decided when the game gets deeper. Sadly again the wounds weighed him down until he was gone.


It didn’t capture the tone of the times. Far from the best version of this, the one from two years ago. Little finesse on the ball -zero assists-, he struggles to overflow and get under. He was growing in his contribution when he broke into Vallecas.


Notable in general terms, a step below other central defenders, but he manages to give the right-hand lane more packaging and power. Worst of all, his early dismissal against Valencia, which complicated the game, and his current injury.


Excellent level. One of the realists with the best and most regular performance since August. He has reached such a stage of confidence in the rear axis, that he dares everything – hope, passing… – and almost everything comes out. And on top of that he scored a header at Vigo.

Le Normand

It’s a wall, a key piece, that Imanol only had to do because of an injury. Another flawless lap, not one mistake costing points. Threatens, steals, clears and hardly commits a foul or collects yellow cards, although he now has four.


Nine games in which he confirmed that he has reached the highest level to be a starter at Real. He has a characteristic to lose, but above all in this course he showed that he is a sticky, aggressive center-back, winner of duels and he goes well in front. Sorry for your injury.


High level when he had to play everything in the beginning because of Rico’s injury. He flew on the coach’s confidence. Due to his injury and being given a good job by his ‘band colleague’, he has not yet finished recovering good constants.


A campaign to grow and confirm itself. He needs to define everything he creates on the left in goals and assists in the League, which are many. Defensively, more focused and scary. He will do everything to continue at Real.


It is normal that United, Arsenal and Barça love him because he is the best pivot in the League. Almost shown in every game. To his usual power and display, to his eternal victories in duels, he added driving, deep passes and a goal. Everything is there.


His presence and relevance became greater in the Cup and especially in the Europa League, where he replaced Zubimendi with guarantees. In the League he is in the permanent shadow of Ulia. 132 minutes spread over five games in which Real got 13 points from 15


Neither Beñat nor Turrientes. Just six games, one start and he hasn’t been even a shadow of what he was when he had to play last season. His talent is unquestionable and it’s there and he has the entire second round to show for it. You are needed.


His glory days may be things of the past, but he can finally be said to have played an important role. The exchange of luxury and compliant as a midfielder, his last matches, already a starter, where he gave a high level is encouraging. Golito in Vigo.


Seven goals and just three assists in the League and a veritable collection of hits, combinations, dribbles and associations with his teammates. A luxury. No one could hope, not even himself, such a great performance. 14 million is a bargain.


He maintains his usual physical and technical level, but adds an element born from his greater freedom when playing in the midfield rhombus: arriving in the area and goal passes. He distributed magic in the form of assists, a total of seven, the best server in the League.


Every contact with the ball is a master class. He lasted almost at the equator without injury and he did it when he reached a very good level, with and without the ball. A goal and two assists round out another half year of coaching.


13 games, none as a starter. Like other meritors, he distinguished himself more in the Cup and in the Europa League. Good flashes and the feeling that you always carry when going out. Perhaps he lacked a standout performance in the League.


Seeing him on the field brought a sense of fulfillment and his penalty goal against Athletic sparked an unparalleled burst of joy. After nine shadow after shadow of a difficult recovery, he is far from his best, he lacks gear and confidence, but he will get it.


There is a loop feeling with it. He was expected, but his hatching did not come, this time because every time he tried to come back and start to pick up the dynamic, he returned to the stretcher. Five games, some details and that goal that brought him joy to Vallecas.


Awesome mid-campaign. Watching him play defenses is as fun as listening to him. He had to play a lot due to injuries and responded with strength and quality. Great success and great chemistry with Sorloth. 3 goals and 2 assists.


Exceptional performance from the Norwegian and not just because of his eight great goals. Vital in his first pressure, in his support of the band, in his leftovers, in his great understanding of Kubo. He is playing with knee discomfort and it does not show.


The most expensive signing in history exploded in the Anoeta stands with enthusiasm by scoring on his debut, but left the attack orphaned in his second league game. His recovery is on track and he hopes to contribute and score goals in the latter stages.

Carlos Fernandez

He continued to land after that horrific injury that kept him off the pitch for more than a year. He has no intention of settling down and gaining confidence. So far, they have had difficult match contexts, in which they have not been able to shine.


He left leaving 70 million euros, which will allow Real to navigate without rushing for some exercises, and a goal against Barça, which in the end was worthless. So far, he hasn’t been missed, although his performance at Real has been truly productive.


86 minutes spread over six games in which he didn’t score or came close to doing so. He made his debut in the Cup before going on loan to Leganés. Imanol didn’t trust him despite missing 2/3 of his attackers, so his loan this midterm is the best solution.


Great sensation broken from the quarry. It is a ruby, a solution for Silva’s absences with a full guarantee and for many years. Ground gold for Real. He should grow up and define all that he has become, but he hugs and bothers him without the ball and with it he does what he wants between the lines.


A fatal series of illnesses prevented him from playing in a debut campaign where he left great signs and sensations at the start. He was a whirlwind to recover the ball when he lost it and he showed verticality and precision, with two excellent assists.


Two league games, Vallecas and Bernabéu, and only 49 minutes, but of great quality. In those two moments, like at Camp Nou in the Cup, the team thanked him for his entry, gave packaging to the midfield, brought the leather to the opposite area and came close to scoring.

ander martin

Imanol was waiting for him to recover from his severe injuries and when he was fine he called him immediately. 38 minutes in three games where he left his stamp of quality and versatility. He doesn’t hide, he demands leather and dares it. Interesting left foot.


There are only two games, against Betis and Valencia at home, but enough to discover another pearl in the making. Another sign that the ascendant from the Sanse is that it is ready to settle down. He served Sorloth the ballon d’or against ché.

Source: La Verdad


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