Levante also did not disappoint against Andorra and put pressure on the leader


With a bit of luck with Mohamed Bouldini’s goal before the first quarter of an hour, Levante did their homework on Saturday and became temporary leaders of the Second Division, waiting to see what UD Las Palmas does, after losing to a good dose of suffering for Andorra, chained to a fifth straight defeat.

Granada and Deportivo Alavés won and Levante knew they would not be disappointed in their race towards promotion. They had more and better chances than their rivals and both Joni and De Frutos succeeded against an Andorra team who, true to their style of play, never lost face in the match, but without success in both places.

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Lift UD: Cárdenas, Pubill, Vezo, Rober Pier, Saracchi, Pepelu, Iborra (Álex Muñoz, m.81), Campaña (Joni Montiel, m.8)(Rober Ibáñez, m.69), Pablo Martínez, De Frutos (Cantero, m . .81) and Bouldini (Wesley, m.69).

Andorra: Ratti, Petxarroman (Jacobo, m.84), Diego Allende (Jandro, m.76), Mika Mármol, Pampín, Iván Gil, Aguado, Bover (Héctor, m.68), Germán Valera (Carlos Martínez, m.84) , Bakis and Almpanis (Bundu, d. 75).

Purpose: 1-0, m.14: Bouldini.

Referee: Gálvez Rascón (Madrid College). He advises the locals Iborra and Vezo and the visitor Jandro.

Incidents: match corresponding to the twenty-seventh round of the SmartBank League in Ciutat de València in front of 12,346 spectators. A minute of silence was observed in memory of the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

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Levante came out at full speed, already setting foot in the rival area after thirty seconds with a filtered pass from Pablo Martínez that was narrowly missed by Campaña, who was injured moments later. Andorra looked to take advantage of Levante’s short circuit due to Campaña’s muscle injury, but Germán Valera was unable to go one-on-one with Cárdenas in his best chance in the first act.

The disconnection was short-lived for Levante, who have been powerful all season from set pieces, and took the lead thanks to the cunning of Bouldini and the bad luck of Ratti, who was once again the starter in Andorra. The Argentine goalkeeper went out for a dangling ball and when he got it he was almost trapped he collided with his teammate Mika Mármol, left the ball and the Moroccan striker did not forgive the gift (1-0, m.14).

Bouldini made it 2-0 with a forced header after a cross from the right by De Frutos went wide. The local goal didn’t change the script for Andorra, as they threatened to get the ball out from the start, they tried to dominate Levante with possession and both Iván Gil and Germán Valera tried tirelessly.

Both teams came to the locker room without a chance on the bag and protested to the referee. Andorra claimed Germán Valera’s penalty, Pepelu and Saracchi blocked in the area, while Iborra from Levante protested to the referee for a shot from inside the area.

The second half started like the first, with an electric start for Levante. Pablo Martínez ran down the right wing to assist Joni Montiel at the far post and he missed an empty net. De Frutos immediately stroked the goal, with a cross shot that hit the post after some good individual action.

But Andorra recovered and went up in search of a tie, which they deserved for their persistence. Ivan Gil was close again, with a shot inside the area that went up. Calleja and Sarabia moved the bench with more than twenty minutes remaining and Andorra then locked up the provisional leader of the category at that time.

But despite gaining control of the game and possession, Andorra only had one clear chance until the end. This was after Bakis scrambled inside the area, but his shot came out centered and easily cleared by Cárdenas. With the win, Levante went on a 18-game unbeaten streak.

Source: La Verdad


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