Fierce criticism of Pedro Porro after his debut: “Very bad…”


Pedro Porro’s debut at Tottenham was not as expected. In fact, it could be considered a nightmare after the win was conceded against a Leicester that brought out the colors of ‘spurs’ (4-1).

The Spaniard’s performance was more than calm, struggling to fail to close his band. It is for this reason that the criticism soon came after Tottenham paid 45 million euros for the side, although the one who took the cake was Tim Sherwood, former coach of ‘spurs’.

“I don’t want to be bad with Pedro Porro. It’s his debut, but it’s so bad… it’s incredible. His positioning is unacceptable. He’s been destroyed by his band,” he commented.

“Tottenham spent a lot of money on reinforcements… From what I see, they don’t want to defend. Conte says they need to improve on defense and Porro reveals difficulties defense. I’m very disappointed,” added Sherwood.

Source: La Verdad


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