Horner: “We keep hearing good things with expectations from Aston Martin”


Christian Horner, Main Team of red bullhe hopes to repeat a season as successful as in 2022, where the Milton Keynes team won both drivers’ championships with Max Verstappen as in equipment. Despite this good foundation, the Austrian boss is not the only one considered Ferrari and Mercedes. He believes that the middle zone will have a more relevant role.

A central zone where a fierce battle McLaren, Aston Martin and Alpine: “Alpine has made good progress in the second half of last year.Aston Martin? We keep hearing a lot about your expectations. You just don’t know what the running order is for,” he declared Auto Motor and Sports.

Although for Horner the main rivals are Ferrari and Mercedes. The Italians fell in the second half of the year but they gave the most war. Brackley’s, on the other hand, has been closer to the end of the season.

Ferrari had a very good car last year, so they will be ready to fight hard this season. With respect to Mercedes, I am sure they will recover from their annus horribilis last season. So we’ll see, our opponents will be very strong. We don’t underestimate any of them.”

Source: La Verdad


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