Ronaldo and Tyson cheer Fury’s defeat of Youtube star Jake Paul


The invincible of jake paul in the ring. Two judges scored it 76-73 for anger (9-0, 4 KOs), while favoring the third Paul, 75-74. “I have won in every way of life. I went further than I thought. It was a humiliating experience. I’ll be back,” Paul said after beating Fury. The Brit was the first real professional boxer to fight Paul, who built his lucrative second career by fighting mixed martial arts fighters and a fellow Boxing YouTuber who has gained a lot of attention on social media despite his debatable boxing quality.

“In my first main event, at 23 years old, I had the world on my shoulders and I came out on top,” Fury said. “This, to me, is a world title fight. I trained hard for this. It was my destiny.” Both fighters had strong moments in the first four rounds in front of a star-studded crowd at Saudi Arabiabut Fury landed more significant shots behind a consistent jab that allowed him to keep Paul at arm’s length.

Paul appeared to surprise Fury with a well-aimed left hook early in the fifth round, but he also lost a point when the referee penalized him for pushing Fury’s head down in a clinch. Fury was disqualified by the referee in the sixth for overhandling. Fury held his own in the seventh round despite a cut near his left eye from his head, but Paul turned the situation around with a perfectly timed left that flustered Fury, putting his left glove on the canvas to establish himself. .

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Fury finished strong and claimed the victory, which was awarded by the judges. “For the whole two and a half years, I had a dream, I had a vision that I would win this fight. No one believed me. Now I can stand up and everyone will notice,” Fury concluded.

The live crowd witnessing the event included Al Nassr striker, Cristiano Ronaldocomedian kevin hart and a collection of famous boxers including Mike Tyson, Deontay Wilder, Devin Haney and Tyson Fury, who asked Tyson’s younger brother to knock out his rival. It wasn’t like that, but at least he lost.

Jake Paul had a gesture that honors him by congratulating his opponent and leaving the door open for a new face-to-face: “Fair play. Congratulations to Tommy and his family. I’ll be back for the rematch.”

Source: La Verdad


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