Simeone also hallucinated on the difference in arbitration criteria


He Atletico Madrid has been on the warpath for a long time against arbitrations taking place in the The league. The mattress team is now the only one that hasn’t been given a single penalty in the national league championship. A true rarity. It’s been 25 games since the referee last signaled the penalty spot for the colchoneros.

But beyond that he has experienced a trail of expulsions, cards that are mostly for talking and countless situations that have blown up the team. And of course, when one descends into cold images, there is little defense for the referees.

Because the same play, not only in the case of Atlético Madrid, It is referred to differently depending on who is on the field and the referee who touched. This is what happened to the party real Madrid and the FC Barcelona They played this Thursday in the first leg of the semifinals of Copa del Rey

The action that angered the mattress team was holding the neck in between Vinicius and Dejongbecause it is an action very similar to the other Savic with someone Ferran Torres which is worth the expulsion of two and two penalty games on the mattress and the culé. This time it is not considered with the same size.

“Just like you saw. Seeing the pictures is what we wonder about. More than I can count. It’s more difficult to put more things in them than what is seen. It depends on the interpretation of the referees, on what they understand in best way so that everything is equal “, commented the mattress coach. And what is incredible and what is angry Athletic is the same referee in both plays: Jose Luis Munuera Montero.

Source: La Verdad


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