“Garnacho has a problem, a scoundrel”


Alexander Garnacho has exploded in a Manchester Utd who want to renew him at all costs after his brilliant season at Old Trafford. The 18-year-old Spanish nationalized Argentine is already being compared in England to Cristiano Ronaldo and they see him as a footballer who will make a difference.

A former coach who was at Atlético de Madrid at the age of 15 spoke about him: Jesús Adolfo Marcos. He speaks wonders, but remembers his troubled past. “I trained the youth team, but they removed me. They told me they wanted me to train the best young player in the club. That was my mission, and also my biggest challenge,” he said.

“Alejandro is a ‘street boy’, from the neighborhood of Getafe, and we immediately decided to transfer him to the academy hotel, because he is not a good student. He is smarter than the other boys but he has been problematic. He ” He was a scoundrel and waged war within the hotel. He secretly brought food to the room, sweets and stuff, and kept his phone and it with him until late at night,” he explained.

And when Garnacho, aged 15, played his first match against Jesús Adolfo Marcos, it was far from an encouraging start.

“We were playing at Rayo Majadahonda’s field and I was forced to take him out after ten minutes due to an attitude problem. His order was to run and make an effort because they were pushing hard, but Alejandro didn’t make an effort.”

But then he surprised everyone: “I replaced him and, in the first attack without him, we scored. We ended up winning 6-0 and the entire coaching staff expected a negative reaction from him, complaints or lack of discipline. But it was the opposite. Alejandro’s reaction was incredible maturity, he didn’t complain and he worked hard all week. He’s a smart kid who knows he’s wrong. He has something that special people have player: they can be rebels.”

Source: La Verdad


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