Conte: “I value my body too much”


Anthony Contetechnician of Tottenham Hotspurrecognized that he did not give due importance to the recovery after the gallbladder surgery which she went through a few weeks ago and admits she overestimated her body.

“I want to come back after the fight with him. Sheffield United, but the doctor stopped me and told me I had to wait. I want to return as soon as possible, but I have to respect what the doctor told me”, said Conte, who, after the operation, reappeared in the first leg of the round of 16 against the Milanbefore leaving for some games.

“The doctors were very worried after the match against Milan. That’s why I haven’t been back until now. I’m fine now.”

“I should have underestimated the recovery time after the operation. Because of my sense of responsibility, I wanted to return as soon as possible, so I also overestimated my body. Now, I feel better, I have regained my energy I still have some weight to gain, but the rest is fine,” he added.

Tottenham need to beat Milan this Wednesday after 1-0 in the first leg if you want to stay alive in the Champions League.

“If you ask me if I want to win Champions League I tell you yes. But then there is the reality and that is we have to go every game. Tomorrow’s obstacle is Milan, the Italian champions, a good team that we have to beat by two goals if we want to get to the quarterfinals.”

Source: La Verdad


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