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Leo Messi His contract is less than four months away. On June 24 he will be 36 years old and on July 1 he will be a free player. At the sports level, it comes from the elimination of Champions League he is new Bayern with the PSGbut also to win at world and the The Best, where its price increased. In this context, the star of Argentina must decide on his future. The still image so far describes a situation where he clearly wants to continue at least one year in elite football, that is, the European, and where the PSG it remains his first choice despite the European fiasco. And it is that Leo does not consider going down a competitive step and end up in the minor leagues, despite the constant information and rumors linking him to between miamithe football of Saudi Arabia (where he is already playing Cristiano Ronaldo) or even the Newell’s Old Boys Argentinian from his hometown, Rosary beads. Those scenarios, facing July 1, are being released.

He boatalso related to Messi by the unseen will of Joan Laporta to regain it after not renewing it unexpectedly for cracking in the summer of 2021, appears as an aspirant to sign Leo but more on the level of illusion than tangible realities. The president of Barcelona confirmed that he met with Jorge Messifather and agent of Leo, but they usually talked about the pending tribute to Lionel as the club’s historic icon, after his sad departure in August 2021. But for now, nothing. The economic situation of the club, which has exceeded the salary and forced to cut it, is too difficult to consider another scenario. There has been no direct contact in between Messi and reportsomewhat characteristic of a year and a half after the sudden departure of the Argentine.

So far, it hasn’t happened if any other big European clubs are interested Messi due to the market its continuation to Paris. If the negotiations go awry, some big companies can’t be ruled out Premier or of Italy with the token of moving a healthy economy. needed Leo in your ranks it always generates sporting and commercial income.

Despite the removal of Champions, Messi It looks good to continue in the elite, and that implies continuing with a top European club, as it sees itself as having the capacity to continue competing for major titles. The European fiasco of PSG it affects him, but the French club has always failed in the Champions League, before Messi. In Paris they want to renew him to take advantage of his status as a universal icon, and more as a world champion in Qatar. However, in Paris they must also reduce ‘fair play’ and are under pressure from a new European fiasco, which could lead to changes on the bench, in the squad and in the sports area.

He between miami moved too Messi. He wants him as a star to make a leap in quality and image to MLS US. Their problem is that on an economic level they cannot compete with the greats of Europe or Arab football. Saudi Arabia want of world of 2030 and, including christian In his football, he dreamed of recruiting Messi to have two stars as great ambassadors for his cause. He al hilal It seems the club chosen by the federation to tempt Leo if he decides on this football. But the truth is that Leo does not consider today’s markets.

The threat of a lack of ‘fair play’ wages plays against Barça’s dream of getting him back

In the future equation of Leo will also appear boat tangentially, given the interest of Joan Laporta in its recovery to heal the wound that meant it would not be renewed in 2021 after it was promised and caused the bitterest tears of the culé career of Messi. The problem of boat is it with the threat of no ‘fair play’ pay, which has even paralyzed the registrations of renewed players as Gavi and Araujo. The first was accepted by the League for very precautionary measures from a commercial court at the request of Barça, but the employers appealed this decision. This serves as an example to show the bitter war Thebes-Laportawhere the head of The league has been notified boat recently: “They won’t be able to sign in the winter and they probably won’t be able to sign in the summer”, referring to the fact that if in Camp Nou they don’t lower their wage bill significantly, employers won’t let them register soccer players. Obviously, that goes against signing one of the players with the highest cache on the planet. Except, yes, that Messi decided to take it down to return to what was his home. But even in that case, The league should validate the substantial salary deduction of Messi given that it is taken as a reference what it is charged at PSG now.

By far, the most balanced proposal there is Messi economic and sports, it is the PSG. There was a first meeting with his father Louis Fields which ended without agreement but also without destruction. They agreed to continue the talks and will do so after the Champions League knockout. The logical thing is that Nasser Al-Khelaifi engage in negotiations, because the player they want to renew is Messiwhich comes from winning a world and the The Best. Leo recently said in a French club TV interview that he is comfortable Parissomething that favors its continuation in the French capital.

Waiting for PSG to reactivate the renewal, Leo is comfortable in Paris

However, the sports project is important for Leo and it looks like PSG will finally be forced to cut costs, something that could affect the level of investment in transfers and renewals. Messi is good at mbappe, that’s not a factor of your everyday wear. His family adapted to Paris after almost two years there. However, what seems to have been done in January, even though there was talk of an agreement in principle to renew which was confirmed by the player’s environment, has not yet materialized and the PSG he has to ‘work’ to convince Leo.

Inside Barça, hope remains Leo decide to come back for something romantic, to say goodbye to fans and continue their family life for at least a year before going to USA. In the locker room there are players who see this return as feasible, but always more from the heart than the head, because neither the economic nor the sporting situation of Barcelona will throw rockets. At the club they are sighing for a return that will ease the exile Montjuic and it will bring benefits at the marketing, merchandising and ticketing level. But admittedly so far there has only been broad talk of more than due tribute and it is still pending.

Source: La Verdad


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