Trembling in Edling – the village is still in fear after the murder of a woman


A 62-year-old resident was murdered four weeks ago in Edling. Although there are suspects in the area, many think of an outside perpetrator.

We currently have three suspects,” confirms spokeswoman Tina Frimmel-Hesse of the public prosecutor’s office. The men knew the murdered pensioner. However, no one has been arrested. “We are still waiting for further results such as the final autopsy findings and analysis of traces.” Perhaps it is hoped that the perpetrator will get cold feet and make a confession before the DNA traces can convict him.

For many Edling residents, however, it remains unthinkable that one of them knocked the 62-year-old man down and left him to die of the cold.

She herself can give one of the suspects an alibi and is therefore convinced: “The perpetrator came from outside!” Which gives her anxiety: “If I have to go out at night, I always call and bring a light.”

Incidentally, theories about the course of events were shared with the judiciary – but apparently other clues are being followed there.

Source: Krone


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