Car against guardrail – Tyrolean lost consciousness on the highway – crash!


Fatal accident on Thursday on the Inntalautobahn in the Tyrolean Unterland: A 40-year-old resident may have lost consciousness for a short time while driving – the car then crashed into the guardrail with full force. The injured man was quickly on the scene when emergency services arrived.

The devastating accident happened shortly after 10:30 am on the A12 near Kramsach. According to her own statements, the 40-year-old suddenly lost consciousness shortly before the turn to Innsbruck. As a result, your car should have crashed into the right guardrail without braking.

Even came out of the wreck
“The driver was finally able to speak again, she was able to get out of the vehicle herself and after first aid was taken by ambulance to the Kufstein district hospital,” the police said.

The car was probably a total loss. During the rescue operation and clean-up work, the accident site was only passable over one lane. There were disabilities.

Source: Krone


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