Andorra woke up in the second half


Andorra woke up in time and managed to tie a game against Ibiza who went up for them (0-2) in the first half.

Ibiza, after a good first act, continues to complicate their stay in the SmartBank League.

The Balearic team faced the rivalry with only one losing streak in the last seven games. Lucas Alcaraz’s men showed that they want to get out of the yes or yes hole and in the 6th minute they surprised Andorra. Coke Andújar opened the scoring with a header from a corner kick that Iván Morante took.

Under heavy rain, Eder Sarabia’s men woke up to their characteristic positional game, but in the 25th minute VAR intervened and alerted the referee for a handball inside the area by Álex Pastor. The referee awarded a penalty after consulting the screen and Ekain made it 0-2.

Only Jacobo González brought light to so much darkness in Andorra. The Madrid winger made a good individual move down the right wing, avoiding two rivals and his shot was first denied by Fuzato and then, after the second shot, a foot from Martín Pascual appeared to prevent the goal.

In the second half, Eder Sarabia shook the shaker and brought on Héctor Hevel for Diego Pampín. As soon as the second half started, Bogusz tried from outside the area, but his shot was twice saved by Nico Ratti.

In the 53rd minute, he put Bundu in place of Rubén Bover and took more risks when he replaced Álex Pastor to bring on Bakis and leave Jandro Orellana at center back.

(+) See the goals and the match summary

Soon after, Bundu headed the crossbar after a cross from Carlos Martínez from the small area.

The next chance of the goal again had Bundu as an opponent. One from Sierra Leone, recently summoned by his team, found Fuzato inspired.

Perseverance paid off for Andorra in the 75th minute, when Bakis scored 1-2 after a great assist from Bundu.

The equalizer came in the 84th minute and it was a goal from Almpanis after a slightly flawed shot from Adrià Vilanova. Two players have just entered the playing field.

At the start of five minutes of added time, Carlos Martínez managed to complete the comeback, but his shot was deflected by an Ibiza defender.

FC Andorra: Nico Ratti; Adrià Altimira (Adrià Vilanova, m. 82), Álex Pastor (Bakis, m. 62), Mika Mármol, Diego Pampín (Héctor Hevel, m.46); Jandro, Ivan Gil, Rubén Bover (Bundu, m. 53); Germán Valera (Almpanis, m. 82), Jacobo González and Carlos Martínez.
UD Ibiza: Fuzato; Joseda (Fran Grima, m. 20), Martín Pascual, Grillo, Escobar (Javi Vázquez, m. 46); Javi Serrano, Iván Morante, Coke Andújar (Marcos Mauro, m. 67), Cristian Herrera (Appin, m. 46); Bogusz and Ekain (Suleiman, d. 74).
Goals: 0-1, M.6: Coke Andújar. 0-2, M.25: Ekain, penalty. 1-2, M.75: Bakis. 2-2, M.84: Almpanis.
Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega (Basque Country Committee). He advised Rubén Bover (m.30), Jacobo González (m. 71) and coach Eder Sarabia (m. 80), from Andorra; and to Escobar (m. 41), Javi Vázquez (m. 72), Fuzato (m. 82) and Suleiman (m. 88), from Ibiza.
​Incident: match corresponding to day 32 of the SmartBank League played at the Andorra la Vella National Stadium in front of 1,721 spectators.

see the match sheet

Source: La Verdad


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