Ancelotti doesn’t bite his tongue on Hazard


Eden Hazard He became the center of attention for Real Madrid just hours before the Classic. First is Cross the one who sent a hard message to the Belgian player then, Ancelotti el who also spoke about Hazard.

The statements of Kroos and Ancelotti was produced on Belgian television Eleven Belgium. The outlet did a report on Hazard’s situation and spoke to the media and players to talk to them about it. Hazard.

ancelotti participates in that report and is very clear when talking about the Belgian player. “It is a rather complicated situation, because Hazard deserves to play because of the quality, but it is a big team and there is competition. I am not here to give minutes to the players, but for Madrid to win games” , Ancelotti’s sentence, to add that “I don’t put the line-ups based on the age or what the players earn, I don’t know what Hazard will win, I put the line-ups for Madrid to win the games”.

The situation of Hazard at Real Madrid This is the usual replacement. It does not count for Ancelotti and the player admits that he does not speak to the coach, that there is respect and nothing else. Hazard has one year left on his contract and his plans do not leave Real Madrid this summer, which is a problem for the club that wants to get rid of the footballer.

Source: La Verdad


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