Jim Ratcliffe, the tycoon with a fortune of 12,000 ‘kilo’ who wants to buy Manchester United


The name of Jim Ratcliffe It should be considered as a potential new owner of Manchester Utd. The ‘red devils’, now in the hands of the glazeris in the process of being sold, and the aforementioned British billionaire, owner of INEOSwill be very serious as an opponent of the Qatari sheikh Jassim bin Hamas Al Thani in a race where the inconsiderable amount of 6,000 million euros can be reached, which would be a record in terms of the sale of a sports club refers.

“I can confirm that we have formally entered the process,” a spokesperson for INEOS insisted that Jim Ratcliffe want to be the new owner of Manchester Utd. And the tycoon himself pointed out that the club is “owned by the community”, a statement that is still a clear declaration of intent based on the desire for fans to feel fully involved in the future of the club. Manchester Utd.

However, this hypothetical purchase of the ‘red devils’ is not the first merger of INEOS and Jim Ratcliffe in the world of soccer. The energy group already controls the Nice French in 2019 and since then the said club has only grown. However, the Manchester Utd These are big words.

the fate of Jim Ratcliffe is estimated at around 12,000 million euros, an amount that doubles the number discussed in the case of the acquisition of Manchester Utd. In addition, one aspect to consider is that ratcliffe He is a ‘Red Devil’ at heart, so he does not give up easily in the fight to win the club.

Finally, it should be noted that the name of Jim Ratcliffe have appeared in the pools to buy the Chelseaa race in which the Americans finally prevailed Todd Boehley. Perhaps this time, despite the fact that Qatar will be a tough opponent, ratcliffe be successful

Source: La Verdad


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