Aspas y Veiga: “If the pear costs four euros you have to pay four euros”


Iago Aspas is partner of Gabriel Veiga at Celta and in his media appearance with the national team he stated Real Madrid’s interest in the young Celta player. Aspas recommended his teammate to stay at Vigo and sent a clear message to Real Madrid about what they should pay if they want Veiga.

“I would like him to stay with us. We are in a good sporting and institutional amount. Next year is the centenary,” said Aspas about the future of Veiga and the interest of Real Madrid and other Premier teams.

mourinhoCelta’s president made it clear who wanted it Gabriel Veiga You must pay 40 million of your clause. Something you think about too blades. “It’s like going to the supermarket, if the pear costs four euros you have to pay four euros,” said Aspas, adding that “the best thing is for him to continue growing in his club, in house.”

Source: La Verdad


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