Aspas: “With Luis Enrique there is a very marked model of the game and I think there is no plan B”


Iago Aspas He returned to the national team thanks to Luis de la Fuente. The Galician did not play in the 2019 team against the Faroe Islands and was with Robert Moreno on the bench. His absence from the following lists is something that is always blamed on Luis Enrique.

The future of Gabri Veiga

“I would like him to stay with us. We are in a good sporting and institutional moment. Next year is the centenary. It’s like going to the supermarket, if the pear costs four euros you have to pay four euros. The best thing is that he continues to grow in his club, in his house”

What do your children tell you?

“They are realizing who their father is and everything related to football”

What does his return to the national team mean?

“For me, it is a pride and a privilege to defend my country. There was another coach who thought it was the best and I had to wait. Now there is another coach”

Have the support of fans

“It was a comforting thing for people when I went to all the stadiums and they told me I had to come back.”

He didn’t go because he didn’t fit the style

“I don’t agree too much. In my team I run like most. We are a team that can not only rely on one player. He is an important footballer in my team but versatile. I am here to help and whatever coach needs”

foul of goal

“Today the coach brought the three best national scorers. You can’t ask for more. There are some player records. We don’t work together for a short time”

Luis Enrique didn’t call him up but he has in Fantasy

“I’m sure he’s a friend of some chronicler who gave me good marks”

Feeling that they stole the last World Cup

“Not because I enjoyed Russia. But of course I would like to be in Qatar. I work to always be here”

Being in the national team came from a minor team

“It took me a long time to get here, enjoy each game as if it was your last. I’m looking forward to the game.”

He had already spoken to De la Fuente

“What I like is to play. The coach sees me both as a striker and as a second point, almost like I’ve played for my team. I can also play outside. It can be good or bad, because you can be replaced of all.”

What did you think when you saw Spain not score against Morocco?

I expect to score a goal. Luis Enrique is with a very marked model of the game and I think there is no plan B. Now the headline is easy.”

His absence with Luis Enrique was due to sports

“I want to think so. When he came he didn’t ask and when he didn’t either”

What do you think you need to improve to get back

“Score more goals but I don’t think it’s worth it for the last stage”

Flattery from Carvalhal

“Anything that is praise from your coach is welcome. I really like football and I’m studying it. I want to improve every day. I’m 35 years old and in the future I won’t be able to play every minute but I want to play as long as I can’t”.

Source: La Verdad


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