Playing at 2:00 pm is not Mallorca’s heritage


“Nobody likes play at two o’clock in the afternoon and our priority is our fans. We want to have more normal hours, but we are increasingly international and our size is growing,” said Alfonso Díaz, Business CEO of Royal Majorca according to the latest schedules that the vermilion team has in LaLiga.

those of Javier Aguirrewho did not hide his discomfort with this fact, played five of their last eight games at 2:00 pm: on the 19th Cádizin 20 before the A. Madrid in Palma, on 23 sa RCDE Stadium, on 25 before the A community in Son Moix and at 26, in front of Legs In Seville. And another three on day 4, 5 and 6, before Girona at home, at Bernabeu and again to Miranda against Almería at home. In total, eight games at two in the afternoon, one more with Rayo and two more with Cádiz.

However, these three were not the teams that had to play the most games at lunchtime. The palm takera in this sense, adding up to 10 shows at two o’clock in the afternoon, to the despair of his fans, is none other than the RCD Espanyolwhich is the team most ‘damaged’ by a schedule that does not satisfy anyone.

nor to television audience: Of the time slots where at least 10 matches are offered, it has the smallest number of people in front of the small screen, almost 196,000 spectators on average, when the global average reaches 374,000 fans.

The presence of asian players in the squads of some teams the argument seems to be justified, to favor the spectators in the Asian zone, the schedules of some teams. This is the case of spanishthat until last season the Chinese were in their ranks wu lei. Or in Mallorca itself, with South Korean kang in lee, this course. However, Wu Lei left the parakeet box last summer and the Spaniard is still a subscriber at 2:00 pm

Within other end of the table, there is one team that has not played this time so far this season. It’s about Sevillethat is not ‘launched’ in this time slot. Athletic, Atlético and Barça played one match each at 2:00 pm and Real Madrid, three.

Source: La Verdad


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