Bayern, Gavi knows very well


Pablo Paez Gavira, Gavi, was one of the sensations of Xavi’s Barça. At 18 years old, he is a regular starter in the Barça club and in the Spanish team, giving impressive performances in both teams. At the same time, the youth squad is also in the news because of the problems that the FC Barcelona to register your new contract The leaguethe one who signed up 2026. First, the culé club was able to register him thanks to the fact that he asked a court in Barcelona for very precautionary measures because of that Gavi he can be released in January if he is not signed up in the last winter transfer window. The employer appealed this and now a formal defect (Barça’s registration was a day late) gave LaLiga the power to deregister him as a player with a record and first team number. Therefore, the Sevillian will have to wear the number 30 again from the next Barcelona game.

In this context, sky sports germany made sure to to Bayern Munich like Gavi and that he follows the evolution of recent legal problems that he contract with the Barcelona. The information added that there are currently no specific negotiations between the German club and the player and his agent, ivan de la pena, but Bayern are keeping a close eye on the situation in case they see the option of bringing the culé youth squad to Munich. In any case, as reported MD, Gavi He is very happy at Barça and trusts the club’s word that the first thing they will do from July 1 is to register his new contract.

Source: La Verdad


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