Emerson Royal will undergo surgery


Another problem for Tottenhamwhich is experiencing a rather complicated moment, removed from Champions Leaguestruggling to maintain fourth place and stopped yesterday at Anthony Conte after his controversial statements. The motivated They just received news that their right back, emerson royalwill pass through the operating room and be 6 weeks out of pitches, as reported by the journalist from ‘The day’, Tom Barclay.

The offensive winger suffered an injury during the match with the Brazilian team against Moroccoleaving Pedro Porro as the only specialist in the right-back position in the squad of the London team and has all the responsibility to show that the 45 million investing in it is a good investment.

Also, Fabrizio Romano has announced that the operation will take place in the coming days and that the vacation period will be minimal 6 weeksso hopefully it reaches the last days of Premier League.

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Unfortunately, the injury came in one of the best moments of carioca in his time in motivated, after suffering heavy criticism in his first year for his irregularity and little defensive solidity. Also, the professionalism of Emerson did not admit any discussion and his concern for his physical level was such ‘The Times’ the former is reported Legs invested €900,000 in a hyperbaric oxygen tank to maintain your blood oxygen levels.

Source: La Verdad


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