motive jealousy? – Ungar fled to holiday home after fatal attack


Murder alert! Motive: jealousy? Screams woke up the residents of a Henndorfer house. A man has died after a knife attack.

“I live on my own. After everything that’s happened, I feel very different.” Silvia Pernsteiner’s voice is frail, tears keep rolling down both cheeks The woman from Flachgau can’t believe what happened early Monday morning in her apartment building in Henndorf.

In an apartment on the mezzanine floor, a 42-year-old man died – probably stabbed to death by a Hungarian (34). The dead man’s girlfriend may have witnessed the crime. “I first heard a loud rumble around 5:30 a.m. Then a woman screamed for help,” says Pernsteiner.

Knife picker probably attacked his ex’s boyfriend
Moments later, the police moved in with a large contingent. Any help came too late for the 42-year-old. The knifeman was able to escape at first.

In the meantime, the detectives secured traces, sniffer dogs combed the area. The crime scene was extensively cordoned off. According to research by “Krone”, the Hungarian should have stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s new partner with a knife. The police cannot or will not confirm this at this time. It was only said that “perpetrator and victim may have known each other.” There is no official information yet about a possible motive. The fact is: the detectives managed to secure the murder weapon.

Agents of the Cobra special unit arrested the 34-year-old a few hours after the attack in a holiday home. This is just a few hundred yards from the crime scene. That’s where the man lived. The Hungarian is not registered in Austria. The Red Cross had to transport the murder suspect on a stretcher. He had multiple cuts on his body.

Bewilderment and sadness in Henndorf
In any case, several neighbors describe the dead man as a “nice person who always greeted him kindly.” Silvia Pernsteiner recalls the last conversation with the 42-year-old: “We talked longer. He told me about his kitchen renovation. And now this.”

Source: Krone


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