The networks gave up on Luis Enrique for what he did with his Twitch earnings


Luis Enrique Martinez, former national coach, has donated a €30,000 obtained as a result of ten sessions of twitching which he celebrated during the World Cup in Qatar. The Asturian, who returned to the ‘media arena’ on Wednesday in an interview given to the SER chain in Gijón, contributed to the social networks of voucher of said donation.

The beneficiary entity, as announced during the World Cup, is the Enriqueta Villavecchia Foundation, who is fighting childhood cancer. The donation, according to the certificate issued, was made on February 23.

Luis Enrique experienced the loss of his son Xana, 9 years old, due to cancer when he was a selector in his first period. For this reason, he left the position within a few months, which was taken by what until then was his trusted person.Robert Moreno.

Source: La Verdad


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